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Frequently Asked Questions: Everything You Need to Know.

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Welcome! We made this page a blog post so that you can share it with your family and friends who may also wish to learn more about Finca El Tambor, El Hato, Antigua Guatemala, or Guatemala through our content.

In this post we answer the most commonly asked questions that we recieve from potential guests and resident guests regarding Finca El Tambor. If you would like to see a question added please let us know!

Discover our Top 10 series on information and recommendations about what to do, see and experience closeby during a stay with us, in Antigua Guatemala, and more widely in Guatemala in our Blog here.

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

What Is Your location?

We are located in the neighbourhood of El Hato in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. Our location is approximately 15 minutes from the main square of Antigua Guatemala by car, depending on traffic. We are a mountainside location which is one of the reasons that we have the best views in the area of the three volcanoes!

Our address is:

Finca El Tambor

Calle El Tambor # 12

Aldea El Hato

Antigua Guatemala



To find us on Google Maps, click here

Is There Parking?

Yes! If you are driving, you have the following options:

  1. You can park your moped, motorbike, car, SUV onthe street for free (it is perfectly safe to do so). any 4 x 4 or smaller vehicle can reach us - the road is too narrow for a large RV mainly due to a corner in the narrow road on final approach. A normal camper ban or long-wheel car will be fine.

  2. You can park in our neighbours private carpark 'parqueo' for Q 75 / 24 hours - but you MUST bring cash.

IMPORTANT: From the parking (whichever option you choose, you will then walk to your accommodation on foot (up to 5 mins depending on which home you've booked). So pask light and don't wear high heels! Tennis shoes are ideal footwear for the farm and mountain.

Do you offer Airport Transfers?

Yes! We offer private airport transfers for up to 4 people per booking. You can find current prices and book here. This is a 24/7 service so it doens't matter if you arrive say or night if you book with us. Our driver carries a torch to help you to your front door accordingly!

Please check availability with us before you book; you will need to send us your flight details. Our driver will track your flight, provide a meet and greet with your name on a sign, and bring your party straight to the entrance of Finca El Tambor. This will take 45 - 120 minutes depending on the time of day / night!

Our driver will help you with your luggage to the front door of your accommodation if you need an extra hand or are unsure about how to get to your specific home - just let him know and he'll help you as needed.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you arrange your own transport to / from the airport your taxi driver will not be allowed to enter our property or help you to your accommodation with luggage; it is forbidden to allow acess to anyone not on your booking and / or to share our security entry codes. It is always better to book at least your incoming transfer through us.

Is There A Shuttle To / From Antigua Guatemala's City Centre?

Yes and also hurrah for our neighbour at Earth Lodge who started a shuttle service and exclusively allows Finca El Tambor guests to join in! It takes about 15 minutes each way.

If you are getting on at Cafe Alegria in the City Centre, you will need to pay on arrival and pay for any other tickets you might need during your stay at the Earth Lodge reception.

If you are taking the shuttle from Finca El Tambor to the city centre, you will need to visit and buy tickets from the reception at Earth Lodge in advance.

A round trip costs q 30 (about $4 USD) that's just q 15 each way! This is the cheapest and easiest way to get up and down the mountain. Outside of that there's Uber, local taxi or Tuc-Tuc which will cost about q 50 - q 85 each way.

Daily Earth Lodge Shuttle Schedule: 

Everyday (7 Days Per Week)

Pickup: From Alegria Cafe at 8:00 am to Finca El Tambor & Earth Lodge

Return: From Finca El Tambor & Earth Lodge at 12:00 noon

Additional Weekend (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)

Pickup: Alegria Cafe at 11:30am

Return: From Finca El Tambor & Earth Lodge at 4:30pm

If you arrive by shuttle before 3 PM (check in time) we fully recommend that you enjoy a lunch at Earth Lodge when you pass by to pat for your shuttle ticket. you are fully welcome to relax there before heading over to your home with us. Also when you checkout (before 11 am), you are fully welcome to relax at Earth Lodge if you want to spend longer on the mountain after checkout.

Do You Offer Spa Services?

Yes! We offer in-home treatments including exfoliations, massages, facials and physiotherapy. Our therapists are fully qualified and very experienced so you are in good and safe hands. Our physiotherapist speaks english and spanish.

You can find treatment options and prices here. Please check availability with us before you book.

Can I Bring Pets?

We like pets but we do not permit them at our property.

Can I bring Children?

No - we are an adult-only destination and the majority of our clients are couples seeking a romantic escape from the city. Peace and relaxation is at the centre of our expereinces and our guests want to escape from children (whether their own or other peoples!). We also have risks of fall due to all balconies being at elevation.

Thus we do not permit babies or children.

How Can I Book?

We now take reservations exclusively through Airbnb.

You can check our accommodation options and see more on each options' AirBnB listing including photos, details, pricing, and availability via our page STAY here.

Please note that prices vary depending on dates, any AirBnB offers applied, and length of stay selected. Where a minimum night stay applies this cannot be altered.

Can I make a Group Booking?


For group bookings of up to 12 people

You must book our entire accommodation in one block if you wish to make a group booking.

This is also the only exception that we make to allowing guests to hold events. See our Stay page where you can find an option to make a group booking of this type.

For group bookings, retreat bookings and weddings of 13-30+ people

Please contact our neighbours at Earth Lodge, with whom we collaborate to offer accommodation for up to 30 guests (more if campers!) with services including restaurant, bar, a world-class yoga studio, spa and wellness services, activities and more!

Earth Lodge Contact Details

For large groups, retreat & weddings: +502 4980 2564 (Spanish & English)

The End!

If you feel that a key question is missing please let us know!

Still have questions? You can WhatsApp us via our website and we'll be happy to answer.



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